Bringing Back 20’s Style with Great Gatsby Dresses

Who wouldn’t want to take a ride back in time to dance their worries (and the night) away at the huge mansion owned by the Great Gatsby? It is evident that to look the part, you, along with all the other guests, would dress up in beautiful and elegant Great Gatsby dresses that will make you look like you’ve come straight out of a fairy tale. Everything you wear- starting from your headgear to your purse, accessories, and shoes- will have a touch of the 1920s in them. Great Gatsby dresses that are originally from the 1920s are all about glitter and sparkles, beads and jewels, and fluid chiffon.

Flapper dresses (the ones that are called Gatsby dresses) were very short dresses with fringes. They weren’t an instant hit or even popular in the 1922 when the book was originally written, but it has aged incredibly well and is extremely popular for any 1920s-themed party. They are great for showing off your legs while you’re dancing your heart out, and they carry a certain elegance that not many dresses can pull off. But wishing to look fabulous in Gatsby’s dress and purchasing one to wear at a retro party is not the same thing. The delicate shimmer and glitter in these dresses, the perfectly placed beads, the beautiful and intricate designs, and the flawlessly unique fit and style of each of these dresses make them a heavy-duty purchase, compared to just any cocktail dress available in the sea of dresses. If you want to flaunt your style by wearing a unique piece of beauty for your next themed party or a formal event, or even just to own a piece for your wardrobe, you have to prepare yourself to pull a little harder at your purse strings.

The lowest price you can own a Great Gatsby dress is around $90 to $100. Yes, that’s the cheapest dress out there, of course, without compromising quality and style. Cheap duplicates of every item are available around the globe, but you wouldn’t want to own a cheaply made Great Gatsby dress, would you? After all, it has to make a statement; it has to turn heads. The dress should be such that, when a woman enters a room wearing it, all attention instantaneously turns to her. She can’t be ignored; she can’t be compared. For a statement dress like that, you would need to spend at least $300.

Although most dresses cost between $100 and $300, which is the average range of price for these dresses, some can cost more, depending on the material, work and designer.

If purchasing a Gatsby dress for $100 feels like too much commitment for just a dress, you can try alternatives that can pass well as Gatsby dresses. These include styles of dresses like a drop-waist midi dress, a hanky hem dress, tiered skirt gowns, and a cocktail or party dresses that are made of mostly velvet. Prices of these alternatives range from cheap ones used as costumes for dress-ups, to elegant dresses for formal events.