Water fountain for cat- Blessing for Cat’s health

Some of the animals are being kept at home as a pet. Keeping a pet is a big responsibility. The cat is one of those animals which are kept as a pet. They are lovely as a pet and gives lots of love and care. So, it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of these pets. Mostly the owner of a cat is having issues with their water, how much water the cat is drinking or whether drinking clean water or not. Generally, the cat does not drink much water, and they must drink water as it keeps them hydrated. The best solution for this problem is Cat water fountains, but there are a number of things which need to be taken care of-

  • Size of the reservoir – The size of the reservoir should be big as it will reduce the labor of the owner to refill it again and again. So, there will be a lesser chance that it gets dry early. Most of the fountains keep on circulating the water for preventing it from becoming stagnant. As in the stagnant water, there are chances that the growth of bacteria will take place.
  • Depth and levels in a bowl – The bowls’ size and depth are an important thing to consider as if the cat is old, then due to age, it would not be able to drink the water from the higher side. Similarly, this happens with the kitten, as they are too small, so it won’t be very easy for them to drink water from a height. Suppose the owner has many cats in the home, then it won’t be very easy to manage the bowls. So, while taking depth should be considered, and if there is a system of multiple levels, then it is the best solution for any issue.
  • The number of jets or fountain – In the house where there are many cats, it is best to have multiple jets or fountains as with this, many cats can drink water simultaneously. There will be no issues of handling many bowls and fight among them for drinking water. Even the owner with one cat can drink water as per its preference.
  • The material used for the fountain – As it is toxic for us to drink water from the plastic, similarly, it is the same for a cat. Nowadays, mostly the cat water fountains come with non-toxic material such as BPA free materials, which are safe to drink water and are durable as well. BPA free materials are considered to be best while there are others also which are available, having their pros and cons. For instance, stainless steel is easy to maintain, durable as well as light, but it affects the taste of water, ceramic gets clean easily and can be washed in the dishwasher, but they are heavy and could leak.

The cat water fountain will provide the cat with clean water continuously, and it helps them in letting more water. It suits best for those owners who do not have much time and cannot clean the water continuously. This will help in keeping the cat healthy and fit.

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